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Solutions is an industry leader in ERP Data Conversion, Quality, and Governance. At DMR we help organizations realize the value of their investments in Data. Most of today's leading enterprises subscribe to the belief that Data should be a consistent and reliable asset across the enterprise. However, many of these same organizations also struggle to realize this belief. DMR has proven experience in helping our clients unlock the power of their Data. We have a powerful combination of industry leading talent, a proven methodology and approach, and an impeccable track record of execution.


SolutionsDMR understands the leading Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platforms including SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, Informatica, and others. We manage large scale global SAP migrations and are industry leaders in SAP data governance implementations.


Process & MethodologyMost EIM projects fail to realize their full potential not due to the technology or even talent; most EIM projects fail due to the lack of methodology and process. DMR has developed a proprietary and industry leading, repeatable, and proven methodology to help our... 3478192078


ExecutionDMR’s professionals include some of the most experienced Data Migration and Data Governance professionals in the world. We have found that talent and experience are the most important success factors for any project, and we have a 100% track record of successful projects delivered on time.